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Feel free to contribute to the development of the Cycle ORM or its components. Please make sure that the following requirements are satisfied before submitting your pull request:

  • KISS
  • PSR-12
  • declare(strict_types=1); is mandatory
  • Your code must include tests

Use our discord server to check for the advice or suggestion

Testing Cycle

To test ORM engine locally, download the cycle/orm repository and start docker containers inside the tests folder:

cd tests
docker-composer up

To run full test suite:


To run quick test suite:

./vendor/bin/phpunit tests/ORM/Functional/Driver/SQLite

Help Needed In

If you want to help but don't know where to start:

  • TODOs
  • Quality recommendations and improvements
  • Check Open Issues
  • More tests are always welcome
  • Typos

Feel free to propose any ideas related to architecture, docs (docs are never complete), adaptation or community.

Original guide author is not a native English speaker, feel free to create PR for any text corrections.


If you have a question you can ask it in one of our official channels:

  1. GitHub discussions
  2. Discord Server


Common issues

If you found obvious bug or misbehavior feel fre to open a new issue in related repository on GitHub.
It will be great if you create a PR with a test case to reproduce the problem.

Dont be shy to create a feature request in a separated issue.

Critical/Security Issues

If you found something which shouldn't be there or a bug which opens a security hole please let me know immediately by email

Official Support

Cycle ORM and all related components are maintained by Spiral Scout.

For commercial support please contact


Cycle ORM and its components will remain under MIT license indefinitely.

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