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Upgrade Guide

This guide will help you to upgrade Cycle ORM to 2.x from 1.x.

We attempt to document every possible breaking change. Since some of these breaking changes are in obscure parts of the ORM only a portion of these changes may actually affect your application.

PHP >= 8.0 required

Likelihood of impact: High

The new minimum PHP version is now 8.0

Updating dependencies

Likelihood of impact: High

Update the following dependencies in your composer.json file:

  • cycle/orm to ^2.0
  • spiral/database replace with cycle/database
  • cycle/database to ^2.0
  • cycle/proxy-factory is no longer needed
  • cycle/annotated to ^3.0
  • cycle/schema-builder to ^2.0
  • cycle/migrations:^1.0 replace with cycle/schema-migrations-generator:^2.0
  • spiral/migrations replace with cycle/migrations:^3.0


Likelihood of impact: High

spiral/database is moved to a new repository cycle/database so now it has new namespace. To accommodate for these changes you need to replace all namespaces start from Spiral\Database with Cycle\Database

Database config

Likelihood of impact: High

Since cycle/database v2.0 connection configuration has been changed. You don't need to configure arrays anymore. Use cofing DTO's instead of. Read more on database connection page.

Database logger

Likelihood of impact: Medium

Cycle\Database\DatabaseManager doesn't use spiral/core package anymore. If you need to use driver specific logger, you have to create your own LoggerFactory implementing Cycle\Database\LoggerFactoryInterface. Read more on database profiling page.

Proxy factory

Likelihood of impact: High

Since Cycle ORM v2.0 you don't need cycle/proxy-factory package anymore. ORM uses proxy entities out of the box.


Likelihood of impact: Low

Cycle\ORM\Transaction class was marked as deprecated. Use Cycle\ORM\EntityManager instead. Read more


Likelihood of impact: Medium

Cycle ORM doesn't use doctrine/collections out of the box anymore. If you want to continue using it you need to add package doctrine/collections to composer.json and use Cycle\ORM\Collection\DoctrineCollectionFactory as a defaultCollectionFactory in your Cycle\ORM\Factory object.

use Cycle\ORM;

$factory = (new ORM\Factory(
    dbal: $dbal,
    defaultCollectionFactory: new ORM\Collection\DoctrineCollectionFactory


Likelihood of impact: High

The second argument of the Cycle\ORM\ORM constructor is now required.


Likelihood of impact: Medium

Default mapper Cycle\ORM\Mapper\Mapper is completely reworked. Now it works as a Proxy mapper and has its own hydrator instead of laminas/laminas-hydrator - Cycle\ORM\Mapper\Proxy\Hydrator\ClosureHydrator and it works faster and supports private and typed entity properties.

Pay attention that Cycle\ORM\MapperInterface has BC changes, and you need to rework your custom mappers. queueDelete(), queueUpdate() and queueCreate() methods also has been changed.

Custom mappers like SoftDeleteMapper, OptimisticLockMapper, UuidMapper in the ORM v2.0 can be implemented via behaviors

Some typical custom mapper use cases like SoftDelete, OptimisticLock available in the behaviors.


Likelihood of impact: High

Everything associated with Constrain in the ORM is replaced with Scope:

  • the Cycle\ORM\SchemaInterface::CONSTRAIN constant, marked deprecated in ORM v1, is removed;
  • Loader option 'constrain' -> 'scope'
  • Cycle\ORM\Select::setConstrain() -> Cycle\ORM\Select::setScope()
  • Cycle\ORM\Select\ConstrainInterface -> Cycle\ORM\Select\ScopeInterface

ORM with... methods

Likelihood of impact: Medium

Methods withFactory(FactoryInterface $factory), withSchema(SchemaInterface $schema) and withHeap(HeapInterface $heap) marked as deprecated, use method with instead:

$orm = new \Cycle\ORM\ORM(...);

    schema: new \Cycle\ORM\Schema(...),
    factory: new \Cycle\ORM\Factory(...),
    heap: new \Cycle\ORM\Heap\Heap(...)

Manual Iterator creation

Likelihood of impact: Medium

Since Cycle ORM v2.0, need to create a Cycle\ORM\Iterator object using the static methods createWithOrm or createWithServices:

$iterator =  \Cycle\ORM\Iterator::createWithOrm($orm, 'user', $data);

Entity annotations

Likelihood of impact: Optional

Since cycle/annotated v2.0 we have added better support for PHP8 attributes, and you have an ability to use attributes instead of annotations.

Schema builder

Likelihood of impact: Optional

Since cycle/schema-builder v2.0 we have added a new generators for STI/JTI and schema modifiers support. If you want to use new features you have to add them to the schema compiler pipeline.

    new Schema\Generator\ResetTables(),
    new Annotated\Embeddings($classLocator),
    new Annotated\Entities($classLocator),
    new Annotated\TableInheritance(),               // <------ register STI/JTI
    new Annotated\MergeColumns(),
    new Schema\Generator\GenerateRelations(),
    new Schema\Generator\GenerateModifiers(),       // <----- generate changes from schema modifiers
    new Schema\Generator\ValidateEntities(),
    new Schema\Generator\RenderTables(),
    new Schema\Generator\RenderRelations()
    new Schema\Generator\RenderModifiers(),         // <----- render all schema modifiers
    new Schema\Generator\ForeignKeys(),             // Since cycle/schema-builder v2.6.0. Define foreign key constraints
    new Annotated\MergeIndexes(),
    new Schema\Generator\SyncTables(),              // Not for production
    new Schema\Generator\GenerateTypecast(),
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