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Commands and Linked Contexts

All the persist operations are performed using a set of linked commands. Commands are responsible for execution, rollback and change commitment. A command can depend on values provided by entity state or another command (link).

Command Interface

To understand how commands work let's review the underlying interface first:

use Cycle\Database\DatabaseInterface;

interface CommandInterface
     * Must return true when command is ready for the execution. UnitOfWork will throw
     * an exception if any of the command will stuck in non ready state.
    public function isReady(): bool;

     * Indicates that command has been executed.
    public function isExecuted(): bool;

     * Executes command.
    public function execute(): void;

    public function getDatabase(): ?DatabaseInterface;

One of the most important methods in commands is isReady. This method is used by Transaction to properly sort the dependency graph in order to execute commands in the most optimal order.

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