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DeletedAt (SoftDelete)

Adds a deleted_at column which defines if a record has been marked as deleted (and if so, when). Useful when designing a highly complicated system where data consistency is important and even if some data should be invisible in the backend, it should still remain in the database.


use Cycle\Annotated\Annotation\Column;
use Cycle\Annotated\Annotation\Entity;
use Cycle\ORM\Entity\Behavior\SoftDelete;

    field: 'deletedAt',   // Required. By default 'deletedAt' 
    column: 'deleted_at'  // Optional. By default 'null'. If not set, will be used information from property declaration.
class Page
    #[Column(type: 'primary')]
    public int $id;
    #[Column(type: 'datetime', nullable: true)]
    public ?\DateTimeImmutable $deletedAt = null;

Note: If you have a custom deleted_at column declaration, it should be compatible with Behavior\SoftDelete column type, otherwise an exception will be thrown.

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