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Issue with test case

Sometime we can't reproduce an customer's problem based only on the Issue description. In this case the preffered way is to make a PR with a reproducible Test Case.

Cycle ORM

Examples of other test cases you can find in the Cycle reository.

To implement custom test case you need to do few actions.

Prepare a case template

  1. Fork and clone cycle/orm repository. Install composer dependencies.
  2. Run php tests/generate-case.php.
    You will have the new test case in the tests/ORM/Functional/Driver/Common/Integration directory.

Implement your case

In the generated Case directory you'll find:

  • Prepared entities in the Entity dir.
  • Related ORM Schema preset in the schema.php file.
  • Test class CaseTest.php with one example test method.

Feel free to change all of them to reproduce your case.

If the issue doesn't depend on any database driver you can use only SQLite driver to test it locally with better performance (the pdo_sqlite extention required).

To run test case Case42 with the SQLite driver just execute:

vendor/bin/phpunit --group driver-sqlite --filter Case42

Make a PR

Push your changes in a new branch and go to Cycle ORM repository.
You will see the suggestion with button Compare & pull request.
Press it and fill the form.

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