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Database - Logical Isolation

The cycle/database component provides the ability to use a single connection for multiple, logically isolated databases. The isolation performed using table prefix, which automatically added to every SQL identifier.


To enable database prefix use option prefix of your database:



use Cycle\Database\DatabaseManager;
use Cycle\Database\Config;

$dbal = new DatabaseManager(new Config\DatabaseConfig([
    'databases'   => [
        'default' => ['connection' => 'sqlite', 'prefix' => 'my_prefix_'],
    'connections' => [
        'sqlite' => new Config\SQLiteDriverConfig(
            connection: new Config\SQLite\MemoryConnectionConfig(),
            queryCache: true,

Runtime configuration

You can isolate database in runtime using withPrefix method:

$db = $dbal->database();

The schema introspection and declaration will work with the isolated database by automatically adding a prefix to all declared tables.

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