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Synchronizing Database Schema

Cycle ORM provides multiple ways to automatically configure your database schema based on entity declarations.

Automatic Synchronization

A first approach would involve automatic schema declaration without any intermediate migration, to use it add SyncTables generator to your schema compiler:

use Cycle\Schema;
use Cycle\Annotated;

$schema = (new Schema\Compiler())->compile(new Schema\Registry($dbal), [
    new Schema\Generator\SyncTables(), // sync table changes to database

Such an approach is useful for development environments, but might cause issues while working with the production database.

Generate Migrations

You can automatically generate a set of migration files during schema compilation. In this case, you have the freedom to alter such migrations manually before running them. To achieve that you must install the Cycle Migrations extension:

composer require cycle/schema-migrations-generator

Migrations are based on the cycle/migrations package and require proper configuration first:

use Cycle\Migrations;

$config = new Migrations\Config\MigrationConfig([
    'directory' => __DIR__ . '/../migrations/',  // where to store migrations
    'table' => 'migrations'                      // database table to store migration status

$migrator = new Migrations\Migrator($config, $dbal, new Migrations\FileRepository($config));

// Init migration table

You can now add a new Compiler generator from the package cycle/migrations to render schema changes into migration files:

use Cycle\Schema;
use Cycle\Annotated;
use Cycle\Schema\Generator\Migrations\GenerateMigrations;

$schema = (new Schema\Compiler())->compile(new Schema\Registry($dbal), [
    new Schema\Generator\ResetTables(),             // re-declared table schemas (remove columns)
    new Annotated\Embeddings($classLocator),        // register embeddable entities
    new Annotated\Entities($classLocator),          // register annotated entities
    new Annotated\TableInheritance(),               // register STI/JTI
    new Annotated\MergeColumns(),                   // register columns from attributes
    new Schema\Generator\GenerateRelations(),       // generate entity relations
    new Schema\Generator\GenerateModifiers(),       // generate changes from schema modifiers
    new Schema\Generator\ValidateEntities(),        // make sure all entity schemas are correct
    new Schema\Generator\RenderTables(),            // declare table schemas
    new Schema\Generator\RenderRelations(),         // declare relation keys and indexes
    new Schema\Generator\RenderModifiers(),         // render all schema modifiers
    new Schema\Generator\ForeignKeys(),             // Define foreign key constraints
    new Annotated\MergeIndexes(),                   // register indexes from attributes
    new GenerateMigrations($migrator->getRepository(), $migrator->getConfig()),  // generate migrations
    new Schema\Generator\GenerateTypecast(),        // typecast non string columns

Make sure to remove SyncTables.

Run Migrations

To get a list of available migrations:


To run all outstanding migrations:

while($migrator->run() !== null) { }

To rollback the last migration:

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