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Cycle ORM is designed to be flexible and extensible, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with various PHP frameworks. This capability ensures developers can leverage Cycle ORM's powerful features across different environments, enhancing productivity and maintaining consistency in data management practices. Below are the currently available official and community-supported integration packages that facilitate the use of Cycle ORM within other PHP frameworks, including its official integration with the Spiral framework.


Cycle ORM serves as the official ORM for the Spiral framework, supported by the spiral/cycle-bridge package. This integration is optimized for Spiral applications, ensuring compatibility and performance, especially with the RoadRunner server for long-running applications.

Yii 3

The Yii Framework integration is officially supported through a package maintained by the YiiSoft. This package ensures that Cycle ORM works seamlessly with Yii, providing a robust solution for managing database operations within Yii applications.


For Laravel developers seeking a DataMapper ORM solution, the Laravel Cycle ORM Adapter provides an essential bridge. Managed by the WayOfDev Organization, this package seamlessly integrates Cycle ORM into Laravel projects. It addresses the framework's absence of a native DataMapper type ORM, offering a comprehensive and efficient database management experience that complements Laravel's ecosystem.


Cycle ORM's integration ecosystem is continuously evolving, thanks to the contributions from the community. If you have developed an integration package for Cycle ORM or wish to contribute to existing packages, we encourage you to share your work with the community. For more information on contributing, please refer to our contribution guidelines.


For questions, issues, or support regarding Cycle ORM and its integrations, please visit our GitHub Issues page or join our Discord community. Our community and maintainers are always ready to help you get the most out of Cycle ORM.

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