Make sure to install cycle/annotated and cycle/schema-builder extensions in order to use annotated entities. Once installed add annotated generators into the schema compiler (see more details here).

Cycle is using the Doctrine/Annotations package, make sure that annotations are loadable (use) and the syntax is correct.

Compiler Pipeline

The complete pipeline with annotated entities support will look like:

use Cycle\Schema;
use Cycle\Annotated;
use Spiral\Tokenizer;

// Class locator
$cl = (new Tokenizer\Tokenizer(new Tokenizer\Config\TokenizerConfig([
    'directories' => ['src/'],

$schema = (new Schema\Compiler())->compile(new Schema\Registry($dbal), [
    new Annotated\Embeddings($cl),            // register annotated embeddings
    new Annotated\Entities($cl),              // register annotated entities
    new Schema\Generator\ResetTables(),       // re-declared table schemas (remove columns)
    new Annotated\MergeColumns(),             // register non field columns (table level)
    new Schema\Generator\GenerateRelations(), // generate entity relations
    new Schema\Generator\ValidateEntities(),  // make sure all entity schemas are correct
    new Schema\Generator\RenderTables(),      // declare table schemas
    new Schema\Generator\RenderRelations(),   // declare relation keys and indexes
    new Annotated\MergeIndexes(),             // register non entity indexes (table level)
    new Schema\Generator\SyncTables(),        // sync table changes to database
    new Schema\Generator\GenerateTypecast(),  // typecast non string columns

$orm = $orm->withSchema(new \Cycle\ORM\Schema($schema));

Make sure to point the class locator to the directory with your domain entities only as the indexation operation is fairly expensive. Make sure that all of the entities are loadable by composer autoload.

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