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The documentation section lists non-obvious behaviors of the DBAL component and ways to avoid them.


Consider using 'datetime' type for your columns instead of 'timestamp' as it gives you more unified support and ability to define proper default values.

Timestamp fields behavior is different in MySQL 5.5 and MySQL 5.6+!

Driver Specific notes

Not all drivers implemented equally:

MySQL Driver

The DBAL layer fully supports MySQL driver with all functionality being available.

The default table engine set to InnoDB.

Postgres Driver

Postgres driver includes custom implementation of InsertQuery to address the return value of auto-incremental PK, it will automatically add RETURNING {primary key} to the generated SQL query.

SQLServer Driver

SQLServer includes a fallback mechanism to limit your selection without orderBy specified. In some cases, it might add _row_number_ column at the end of the selected columns.

SQLServer is optimized to work with 12+ versions of Microsoft SQL Server.

SQLite Driver

SQLite DBMS does not support a set of table altering operations, to address some of the schema migrations will be performed using temporary tables and data copy.

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