Persisting Repositories

By default ORM design, the Repository object is used only for Select logic (read-only). Write operations are controlled via Transactions (entity -> transaction -> mapper -> command -> storage).

However, it is possible to safely add a save or delete method to your repositories to avoid usage of transactions in the application code.

Use Repositories with Transaction

We can create a simple save method in the Repository, which will save the entity's current state and it's loaded relations or entity only. In order to do that we have to create a transaction inside our object:

use Cycle\ORM\Select;
use Cycle\ORM\Transaction;
use Cycle\ORM\ORMInterface;

class UserPersistRepository extends Select\Repository
    /** @var Transaction */
    private $transaction;

     * @param Select       $select
     * @param ORMInterface $orm
    public function __construct(Select $select, ORMInterface $orm)
        $this->transaction = new Transaction($orm);

     * @param User $user
     * @param bool $cascade
     * @throws \Throwable
    public function save(User $user, bool $cascade = true)
            $cascade ? Transaction::MODE_CASCADE : Transaction::MODE_ENTITY_ONLY

        $this->transaction->run(); // transaction is clean after run

You can associate the repository to your entity via the annotation @Entity(repository="UserPersistRepository"), or manually:

use Cycle\ORM\Schema;
use Cycle\ORM\Mapper\Mapper;

$orm = $orm->withSchema(new Schema([
    User::class => [
        Schema::ROLE        => 'user',
        Schema::MAPPER      => Mapper::class,
        Schema::REPOSITORY  => UserPersistRepository::class,
        Schema::DATABASE    => 'default',
        Schema::TABLE       => 'user',
        Schema::PRIMARY_KEY => 'id',
        Schema::COLUMNS     => ['id', 'email'],
        Schema::RELATIONS   => []

You can use the repository now to create/update entity in your application:

/** @var UserPersistRepository $users */
$users = $orm->getRepository(User::class);

$u = new User();
$u->email = "";

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